Tsepong: A Clinic Called Hope

Tsepong: A Clinic Called Hope

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Lesotho is a tiny country in southern Africa with an enormous problem: HIV/AIDS. More than one-third of all adults in country are HIV positive, the highest rate in the world.

Attempting to remedy the pandemic, a small group of Canadian health care workers have traveled to a remote corner of Lesotho, helping set up one of the country’s first HIV/AIDS clinics and distributing life-saving antiretroviral drugs (ARVs).

Currently, the program is in danger of being a victim of its own success. There are just too many people desperate to get too few drugs. Failure, though, is not an option. If the Antiretroviral drug pilot project collapses an ARV resistant strain of HIV/AIDS may develop, spreading across the continent, and eventually into the West.

Lesotho is not just a small, remote nation; it is the front-line of a global battle with literally millions of human lives at stake. This battle that must be won; this story must be told.

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