The World Is Watching

The World Is Watching


THE WORLD IS WATCHING is a political film about news gathering and newsmaking, one of the key moral issues of the electronic age. Who decides what’s news? How do they decide? How much of what we see and read is fact Fiction?

And what of the men and women in the field; are foreign correspondents allowed to tell all that they see, or are they just employees, mouth-pieces fro an invisible editorial line?

THE WORLD IS WATCHING examines these issues byfocusing on several journalist working in Nicaragua during the negotiations surrounding the Arias Peace Plan in November 1987. The filmmakers won unprecedented access to film inside ABC-TV News’following a news crew on the ground in Nicaragua, while simultaneously documenting the editorial process in the ABC newsroom in New York City.

The film features ABC TV’s Peter Jennings and John Quiones; Newsweek photographer Bill Gentile; The Boston Globe’s Randolph Ryan; Edith Coron, reporter for the Paris newspaper, Liberation and Jon Snow, correspondent for Britain’s ITN TV News.

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