Cracked is a triumph…you won’t be disappointed.
— TV Times
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Executive Producers: Janice Dawe, Peter Raymont, Tracey Forbes, Janet MacLean
Producers: Jamie Paul Rock, Calum de Hartog
Created by:
Calum de Hartog & Tracey Forbes
Associate Producer: Caroline Murphy
Creative Producer:
Susan Morgan
Executive Consultant: Peter Tortorici

David Sutcliffe as Detective Aidan Black
Stefanie von Pfetten as psychiatrist Dr. Daniella Ridley
Brooke Nevin as psychiatrist Dr. Clara Malone
Luisa D'Oliveira as Detective Poppy Wisnefski
Dayo Ade as Leo Beckett
Karen LeBlanc as Inspector Diane Caligra

2013 • 21 x 60 min

Inspired by real experiences of police officers and mental-health professionals, CBC's "Cracked" mixes police and medical drama. Each episode features the psychological side of policing as well as the emotional impact of front-line workers. Detective Aidan Black, who has post-traumatic stress disorder, is joined by Dr. Daniella Ridley to lead the new Psych Crimes Unit. Combining police skills with psychiatric insight, the team attempts to solve crimes and resolve crises. Black and Ridley are tasked with protecting the public from harm while protecting the dignity of its citizens.