Producers: Allan Code, Peter Raymont, Andrew Munger


2017 • 8 x 60 min

A unique journey of discovery to some of the most isolated places in the Canadian Arctic, including Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island in the world. With 4K drone-mounted cameras, we access mountains, glaciers, ice caves and spectacular vistas no helicopter or human could ever reach. Arctic Secrets brings viewers unique and intimate images of the Arctic’s most iconic wildlife: polar bear, muskox, caribou, ringed and harp seals, and beluga, bowhead and Orca whales, revealing how they are struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing climate. We also follow scientists studying the thinning Arctic ice and explore the fascinating lives of traditional Inuit peoples.

Produced in Association with Blue Ant Media’s Love Nature and The Smithsonian Channel
A Production of White Pine Pictures and Nah Ho Productions