Toronto: City of Dreams

A film by Lindalee Tracey | Canada | English | 3x46′

Love it or hate it, Toronto is wedged like a thorn in the national psyche. Known as “Toronto the Good,” because of its Victorian morality and temperance, it was anything but. From the beginning, immigrants challenged the city’s dominant identity to force necessary tolerance and surprising contradiction.

From Lt. Governor Simcoe’s muddy little York to the sprawling megacity of today, Toronto: City of Dreams is a rollicking romp through three centuries of history to reveal “Toronto the Good” in all its contradictions.  From pioneer booziness to the Temperance League, or from the Orange Order to the most multicultural city in the world, this is where English Canada’s national identity is forged.  This is provocative, entertaining viewing starring the city we all love to hate.

Produced by White Pine Pictures in association with CTV, with the assistance of The Government of Ontario, Bell Canada, Historica

“The three-part series is the first major TV documentary to cover in detail Toronto’s ethnic and social history. City of Dreams combines still photographs, archival footage and re-enactments to illustrate the story in a fluid way.”

Sunday Sun

“A compelling dramatic television documentary starring the city we love to hate. A lively documentary drama that blends innovative story-techniques with riveting human portraits, the series is an entertaining look at the history of a city and the building of a nation.”

Latino News