A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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About The Series
Press Reviews

"...A Scattering of Seeds explores Canada's past through deeply personal accounts of differing sets of immigrants."
"A rare feel-good series about our country."

Jim Bawden
Starweek magazine

"... an evocative anthology of personal stories which tell Canadian tales, not through great men, but through the unsung heroes who, in their own sometimes very small ways, helped build a great nation."
Antonia Zerbisias
Toronto Star - January 14, 1998

"... Something from Nothing is a compelling look at a family whose story will remind many viewers of their own ancestral history."
Bob Blakey
Calgary Herald - January 12, 1998

"Raymont calls it a 'celebration of diversity' - 13 half-hour films about specific and personal immigrant experiences, told by a collection of established film-makers who have a personal stake in the history they're relating. It's about people who have gambled on Canada and reaped rewards for themselves and their adopted country."
Tony Atherton
Ottawa Citizen - January 14, 1998

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