A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Citizenship and Immigration

The federal government has played a central role in administering immigration matters since Confederation. Created on June 23, 1994, the Department of Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) links immigration services with citizenship registration and the promotion of the ideals we share as Canadians.

The mission of CIC is to build a stronger Canada by:

  • Gaining maximum benefit from the global movement of people;
  • Managing access to Canada;
  • Defining membership in Canadian society; and
  • Protecting refugees at home and abroad.

This mission recognizes immigration as a dynamic force that reflects Canada's history, forms our current Canadian values, principles and hopes, and shapes our future as a society. It commits the Department to fair and open processes that protect the safety and security of Canada. Finally, the mission supports the promotion of the common bond of Canadian citizenship to all those living in Canada -- instilling the concept that "good" citizenship is about being responsible as well as having rights and privileges.