A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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WATARI DORI: A Bird of Passage
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  1. Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site

    The Gulf of Georgia Cannery stands at the mouth of the Fraser River, a reminder of the early West Coast fishery. Some of the wooden buildings of this complex date to 1894.

    The Cannery processed salmon primarily although later canned herring. Workers came from many parts of Europe as well as China and Japan. Large numbers of first nations people also worked here. The work was seasonal and when the fleet came in with its catch the workers worked long hours in the cold and damp. In a given day, as man as 1500 fish were prepared for canning.

    The Cannery has been used as a cannery, reduction plant and net loft. The cannery is a complex of buildings including the main cannery building, icehouse, vitamin oil shed, drum storage shed, watchman's house and lead foundry. The structures are of wood frame and heavy timber construction and are supported, for the most part, by wooden pilings.

    The complex contains approximately 10,000 objects related to the salmon, herring and halibut fisheries and a collection of machinery dating back to 1900.

    The Gulf of Georgia Cannery ceased operations in 1975 and is now operated as a museum.

      Address: Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site
      Richmond, British Columbia
      V7E 3J1
      Telephone: (604) 664-9009
      Fax: (604) 664--9008
      Email: interp_gognhs@pch.gc.ca

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