A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Season IV

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Pioneer Priest - Monseigneur Bourdel
Monday May 27 2002, 8:00am Eastern - History Television

Director Donna Caruso

Donna Caruso's Pioneer Priest pays loving tribute to the courage and sense of duty of French clergyman Constant Jean Baptiste Bourdel. In 1904, at the age of 42 and against his doctor's wishes, Bourdel left France to settle in the prairies of Saskatchewan. He established the first parish in Prud'homme.


The Yellow Pear: The Story of Gu Xiong

Director Audrey Mehler
Audrey Mehler's The Yellow Pear tells the dramatic story of Gu Xiong, a Chinese artist and activist who escaped from China just after the Tiennamen Square massacre, leaving his wife and child behind.


An Irish Woman's Kingdom: Kit Coleman

Director Lindalee Tracey
Lindalee Tracey's An Irish Woman's Kingdom follows the adventures of Kit Coleman, an irrepressible Irish woman who became a Canadian newspaper legend.


The Great Lone Land - The Life of R.B. Nevitt
Tuesday May 28 2002, 8:00am Eastern - History Television

Director Tom Radford
Tom Radford's The Great Lone Land is the remarkable adventure story of Richard Nevitt, an American draft dodger who escaped the Civil War, and joined the RCMP's Long March across Western Canada.


The Other Side of the Curtain

Directors Patrick Reed and Laurence Green
Patrick Reed and Laurence Green's The Other Side of the Curtain is an exuberant celebration of the life of Elena Kudaba. A Lithuanian performer, Kudaba was robbed of her dream to become a professional actress because of W.W.II. She settled in Hamilton in 1948 and founded a successful theatre group.


A Farmer from Amber Valley - J.D. Edwards
Friday May 24, 8:00am Eastern - History Television

Director David Adkin
David Adkin's A Farmer From Amber Valley is the moving story of Jefferson Davis Edwards, a black American in search of a freer life in Alberta.


The Music Teacher
Friday May 31 2002, 8:00am Eastern - History Television

Director Patricia Fogliato

Patricia Fogliato's The Music Teacher is a lyrical journey into the life of Chilean pianist Alberto Guerrero, who came to Toronto in 1920 to work at the Royal Conservatory of Music.


Henry de Puyjalon - Lone Wolf of the North Shore

Director Jean-François Monette
Jean-François Monette's Lone Wolf of the North Shore is a stunningly visual poem to a French man's love of Quebec's northern wilderness.


Wrestling with the Spirit - A Doukhobor Story
Wednesday May 28 2002, 8:00am Eastern - History Television

Director Dorothy DIckie
Dorothy Dickie's A Doukhobor Story is a personal journey into the fascinating faith of her Russian great-grandfather, Vanya Perverseff, who came to Canada in 1899 with 2,300 other Doukhobors.


Before His Time - Dr. Alfred E. Waddell

Director Lalita Krishna
Lalita Krishna's Before His Time is the astonishing story of Alfred Waddell, a determined Trinidadian doctor whose humanity helped bridge the divide between Halifax's black and white communities.


The Travelling Reverend

Director Linda Ohama
Linda Ohama's The Travelling Reverend is the inspiring story of Reverend Y. Kawamura, a Japanese Bhuddhist priest who settled in Alberta in 1934.


The Furthest Possible Place - The Journey of Anna Maria Seifert

Director Martin Duckworth
Martin Duckworth's The Furthest Possible Place pays homage to the dynamic spirit of Ana Maria Seifert, a modern Bolivian political refugee in Montreal.


Servant of God - Berthold Imhoff
Thursday May 30 2002, 8:00am Eastern - History Television

Directors Laura Turek and Hunt Hoe
Laura Turek and Hunt Hoe's Servant of God tells the moving story of Berthold Imhoff, a well-to-do German painter who brought religious art to rural Saskatechwan.

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