A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Subject Profile: Martha Black
Dr. Alfred E. Waddell

In 1923 Alfred Waddell left his hometown in Trinidad with his young bride Amelia Maria, burning with the hope of becoming a doctor. The couple worked menial jobs to support themselves in New York. In 1928 Alfred left his family to study medicine at Dalhousie’s medical school in Halifax. He graduated in 1933 and Amelia Maria joined him with their 4 children.

It was not easy to gain acceptance by the local people in Halifax so Alfred's practice got off to a slow start. Members of the Chinese community were among his first clients. Despite his own hardships, Waddell treated many isolated people who had no access to medical care.

Waddell's practice improved with the war but he continued to be involved in the lives of his patients and actively fought against discrimination and social injustices. Although he died of a heart attack before he could see many of the social changes he fought for, Alfred Waddell is remembered fondly by those who benefited from his advocacy.

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