A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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General History

Though many Doukhobor families like the Perverseffs have assimilated into mainstream society, many Doukhobor community members have recently banded together in a new organization called the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (U.S.C.C.), founded by a descendent of one of their original leaders. Also know as the Orthodox Doukhobors, this group has been instrumental in maintaining the thread of Doukhobor cultural activities until the present day. Youth activities, in particular, have gained new prominence, with the introduction of Sunday Prayer meetings, Russian-language classes, and youth activity groups. Annual youth festivals held each spring have been a focal point of cultural activity for 27 consecutive years. The Honorary Chairman of the U.S.C.C., John J. Verigin has led the efforts of the members to achieve a relationship of mutual understanding, respect, and friendship with the society around them; so as not to assimilate into cultural oblivion, but to integrate and live in harmony as part of Canada's multi-cultural mosaic.

Though many Doukhobor elders worry about the future, Doukhobor cultural identity has endured until now, and in recent years, with the advent of a new generation of young people curious about their culture, many believe it shows the signs of a healthy, vigorous future. Instead of abandoning their cultural inheritance, the Doukhobors, in applying traditional concepts to their everyday lives, are striving to be in harmony with modern conditions. In maintaining the language and culture of their origin, they have grown to appreciate their advantages in achieving bilingual or even multi-lingual status. In a world which is faced with a multitude of technological and ecological problems, they have gained a new respect for the simple, self-sufficient, and ecologically sound traditional life-style of their forbears.

And, most of all, in a world constantly threatened by outbreaks of violence large and small, the Doukhobor elders are proud of their people, holding fast to the precious heritage of eternal Truth which they inherited. "The welfare of the whole world is not worth the life of one child" is a Doukhobor slogan with passionate meaning in a Doukhobor's heart. Doukhobors are continuing to strive - along with like minded people all over the world - for a world where killing and war would be unknown and where we can all be one loving human family, a "Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God".

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