A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Má vlast (My Homeland): The Jiraneks In Canada
Director: Jean-François Monette

Jean-François Monette's Lone Wolf of the North Shore is a stunningly visual ode to a French man's love of Quebec's northern wilderness. Lured by tales of the Canadian wilds he had heard in Parisian cafes, Henry de Puyjalon crossed the sea in 1872. Passionate about nature, he began making long northern expeditions into the Mingan Archipelago - a necklace of limestone islands and reefs. De Puyjalon was commissioned by the provincial government to make mineralogical surveys, and was later hired as the Perroquet Island lighthouse keeper. Here de Puyjalon raised a family and found the peace and purpose he had been looking for - environmentalism. De Puyjalon argued forcibly for the preservation of endangered species and the overall conservation of the area. He fought against bad hunting practices and poaching and helped Canadians understand the limits of natural resources. His books about northern wildlife created many converts.

Filmmaker Jean-François Monette creates a sumptuous feast of stunning landscapes, archival photographs and on-location interviews. Embroidered with the poetry of de Puyjalon's own words, this is a tribute to a visionary French immigrant.

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