A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Má vlast (My Homeland): The Jiraneks In Canada
Director: Patricia Fogliato

About the Film
Patricia Fogliato's The Music Teacher is a lyrical journey into the life of a Chilean pianist transplanted in Toronto. Born in 1886, Alberto Guerrero was a key figure in classical music in Chile as a composer, concert pianist and orchestra conductor. In the early 1920s this refined musical luminary was offered a position at Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music, a backwater in the classical musical world. Guerrero became the teacher of an entire generation of notable composers and pianists including Stuart Hamilton, Arthur Ozolins,. William Aide and John Beckwith. Perhaps his greatest legacy was as the principal teacher of Glenn Gould.

Gurerrero first arrived in North America with his wife on their honeymoon to New York. It was there where he met Boris Hambourg, who invited him to teach music at his conservatory in Toronto. In 1919, Guerrero , his wife and their two-year-old daughter moved to Canada.

Guerrero left the Hambourg Conservatory after a few years and joined the Toronto Conservatory of Music which later became the Royal Conservatory. He quickly established himself as the foremost music teacher in Canada.

Although Guerrero had been a highly successful concert pianist himself, it was as Glenn Gould's music teacher that he gained international recognition. Guerrero brought the highly cultured music scene of his native Chile to Canada, and profoundly impacted the lives and careers of a couple of generations of Canada's greatest musicians.

Filmmaker Patricia Fogliato combines the haunting strains of classical music with moving interviews and archival footage to paint a remarkable portrait of a Chilean immigrant and musical pioneer.

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