A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

Patrick Reed and Laurence Green

Directors Patrick Reed and Laurence Green have worked together on three successive episodes of A Scattering of Seeds. They profiled Dutch-Canadians in The Magnificent Abersons, Maltese-Canadians in Sleight of Hand and now Lithuanian-Canadians in The Other Side of the Curtain. In all three, the richness and rarity of the archival footage is matched only by the revelations in the lives of their central characters. Both directors grew up in the Hamilton area, where The Other Side of the Curtain is set.

Patrick Reed is a gifted writer and researcher who has lent his talent to other episodes in the series. He is an historian, in the midst of completing his Ph.D. at Concordia University.

Laurence Green teaches film production at York University. His other titles, Thin Ice, from the National Film Board, and Reconstruction, winner of eight international festival awards (including the John Spotton Award at the 1995 Toronto Internationl Film Festival), explore memory, identity and family through poetic and provocative imagery.