A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

Tom Radford

Tom Radford has directed over 50 television documentaries on the history of the Canadian West and North. He first encountered the life of Richard Barrington Nevitt years ago while researching at the Glenbow Institute in Calgary. Nevittís haunting drawings and paintings of Blackfoot life touched him deeply.

Born to a Pulitzer Prize-winning newpaper family that came to Alberta in 1905, Radford has witten and directed three previous episodes of A Scattering of Seeds - Ma Vlast, My Homeland, New Norway, and A Land as Green as the Sea, about his own Scottish family who came to Canada after the Highland Clearances.

Recent projects include The Honour of the Crown (2001), the story of an Indian land claim, Distant Skies (2000), about bush pilot Wop May, and Tickling the Dragonís Tail (1999), the story of the building of the atomic bomb. Radford has won the Best Director prize at the Alberta Film Awards six times, and is the recipient of numerous national and international awards.