A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

Lindalee Tracey

Lindalee Tracey is the original creator, as well as co-producer of A Scattering of Seeds. Of Irish and French Canadian heritage, she was drawn to the story of Kit Coleman, like a moth to a flame.

An author, filmmaker, producer and a partner in White Pine Pictures, she has an abiding love for Canada and its own stories. Her twenty-year career has spanned radio, television, print, and drama, including script-writing for the NFB, documentaries for CBC radio and television, TVO, CTV, Vision, WTN, and Channel 4, U.K.. She is the author of three critically acclaimed books: On The Edge, Growing Up Naked, and A Scattering of Seeds, published by McArthur and Company.

Tracey’s three-part series, Toronto: City of Dreams, recently aired on CTV. She is currently working on a television special about the history of burlesque and is developing a feature film based on one of her books.