A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Peaceable Kingdom: Nicholas Austin, Quaker Pioneer
Director's Notes
Director: Martin Duckworth

Location: Lake Memphremagog, Quebec

Director Martin Duckworth, in his wonderful film Peaceable Kingdom: Nicholas Austin, Quaker Pioneer, takes us on a journey of discovery. Duckworth's son Nicholas discovers his own Quaker heritage, by exploring the life of one of his ancestors and namesakes, Nicholas Austin.

In the early 1700's, at the age of 57, Austin moved north to Canada from the United States. His dream was to establish a Quaker settlement of peace in the Eastern Townships of Québec. Today, on the tract of land granted to Nicholas Austin over two hundred years ago, is the Town of Austin, Québec.

The dream of a Quaker colony of peace never did materialize - it became bogged down in red tape, double-dealing and hardship, which eventually financially broke Nicholas Austin. As we discover along with Nicholas Duckworth, the Quaker Colony may have failed, but many of the Quaker beliefs have survived, and, like the beauty of the Eastern Townships, have become part of the fabric of this modern community.

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