A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

Director ProfileMartin Duckworth

The son of Quaker pacifists, Martin Duckworth has photographed over 70 documentary films and made 25 of his own during a 37-year career.

Among the best known documentaries are The Wish, an intimate film about his twin daughters; A Wives' Tale, which chronicles the Sudbury nickel miners strike of 1980; Back to Kampuchea, about a man who returns home after Pol Pot's madness; No More Hiroshima, about atomic bomb survivors; and Peace-keeper at War, a powerful film documenting Canada's involvement in the Gulf War.

Duckworth has also been a student of history at Yale and Toronto, a teacher in working class neighbourhoods of London, England, and a church organist. He is the father of six daughters and one son, and the grandfather of five.