A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

Lindalee Tracey & Peter Raymont

Lindalee Tracey is an award-winning author, filmmaker and journalist. She has written three books, numerous magazine articles and has directed several documentaries for film and television. Her work has been honoured with numerous awards and two Gemini nominations for Abby, I Hardly Knew 'Ya and Invisible Nation.

Peter Raymont is the producer/director of more than 100 documentary films during a 29- year-career. His best known films include The World Is Watching (1986 Genie Award) and the six-hour CBC series, The New Ice Age: A Year in the life of the NHL (1999 Gemini Award). In 1990, Tracey and Raymont created White Pine Pictures. Tracey and Raymont are producers of the 52-part TV series A Scattering of Seeds/Mémoirs d'un Pays with Tracey also acting as the series story editor.