A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile
Eli Gorn

Like Leonard Frank, Eli Gorn went to the West Coast in his early 20's, and fell in love with the beauty of British Columbia. The native Montrealer has spent the last twenty years producing news and public affairs shows that reflect the West Coast's style and sensibility. As an independent producer, Gorn created such programs as "Greenpieces, An Eco Comedy", a satiric look at the West Coast's eco lifestyle; "Beat Street", a music documentary on the street music of Vancouver; and "Push!", the Rich Hansen-hosted chronicle of the struggles of wheelchair athletes to become part of the Olympics.

Gorn was also an active contributor to many national programs including the Gemini award winning CBC series, "Street Cents", a teen consumer program and "Moving On", a series dealing with issues confronting the disabled. He is also a major contributor to YTV's popular youth achievement award series "To The Max".

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