A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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This beautiful film tells the story of John Giordmaine, who came to Canada in 1919 at the age of 20, having left his native country of Malta. Giordmaine kept faith with the country of his birth while following his dream of becoming a magician. In doing so, he entertained generations of Canadian children of all ages, adding his magic to the tapestry of Canada.


  • History of Malta
  • World War Two
  • Following a dream
  • Community
  • Adapting to a new country
  • Knights of Malta
  • Order of St. John
  • Magician
  • Crusades


  • To understand why people leave the country of their birth to come to Canada
  • The importance of keeping faith with your dreams and pursuing them
  • The importance of community in helping new immigrants adapt to life in Canada


  1. When did the Maltese start coming to Canada?
  2. When did the largest influx of Maltese arrive in Canada?
  3. Where did they settle; why did they settle in that area?
  4. What did the first wave of immigrants do to help those who followed ?
  5. When John Giordmaine arrived in Canada where did he work? What caused him to leave that job? What did he want to do with his life?


  • Gather information about the Crusades, what role did Malta play in the crusades? Draw a map following the Knights of the Crusades. What archaeological remains today are directly related to the Crusades? Investigate how the modern day St. John Ambulance is directly descended from the Knights of the Crusades.
  • John Giordmaine was a member of the Knights of Malta. Have a current member of the Order come to the class room to talk about the history of the Order and the important work that the Order continues to perform.
  • During World War II the little island of Malta played an important role. In recognition to the contribution which the Island Nation made in stopping the Nazis, Britain awarded the nation 'The George Cross' how did Malta help the British war effort.
  • Magic was an important part of John Giordmaine's life. His tricks were known as 'sleight of hands'. What is meant by this type of magic? Pick a partner and try to learn some magic tricks which can be performed before the class.
  • Many countries have a patron saint, for example England (St. George); Scotland (St. Andrew); Ireland (St. Patrick). Why do countries have patron saints? What is the patron saint of Canada? Investigate the history of Canada's saint. What is the connection between this saint and Canada?