A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Subject Profile: Martha Black
John Giordmaine

The little man with the big heart, John Giordmaine was one of the most beloved children's performers ever. The eldest of twelve children, nine of whom were claimed by infant illness in Malta, Johnny's magic and his diminutive figure (5 feet, 100 pounds) allowed him to spend a lifetime in childhood delight.

The crux of magic, especially for children, is to make the difficult seem effortless. Both in his craft and his experience as a Canadian immigrant, Giordmaine was inspiring.

A pioneering leader in the Maltese-Canadian community and celebrity illusionist to prime ministers, first ladies and captains of industry, the ever-humble Giordmaine maintained an intimate and childlike impish quality to his performances. He never failed to notice real magic in the everyday, where the miracle of childbirth or the smallest snowflake dwarfs the grandest trick ever performed.

His son, Joseph, is the film's principal storyteller and the heir to his father's unique approaches to magic, science, family and community

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