A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

Laurence Green

With "Sleight of Hand", Laurence Green deepens his explorations of family, personal history and Canadian identity politics, which he first explored in "Reconstruction", winner of eight international film awards. Green's films present provocative, poetic images from the archival footage and home movies of our collective memories.

As former British colonies, both Malta's and Canada's histories are marked by the influence of other imperial powers - in Malta's case, the Moors, the Italians, the Arabs and other North Africans. Like Canadians, the Maltese are faced with forever juggling foreign elements without allowing their distinctive identity to disappear completely. Green was fascinated by Giordmaine's take on his balancing act that conjures up a world of besieged knights, wandering minstrels and magical transformation.

Laurence Green works as a director and also teaches film production at York University. He directed a previous episode for A Scattering of Seeds, "The Magnificent Abersons".

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