A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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General History

The Swiss immigrants' influence can still be seen at work on Canada's Olympic downhill skiing team. They also contributed to the establishment of our hospitality industry. To this day, Swiss Clubs are still holding festivals and helping Swiss immigrants adapt to their new lives in Canada.

Near Waterloo, Ontario, the Old Mennonite Order still subsists. Its
members wear the same style of clothes and continue to farm and live according to their ancestors' precepts. Many still speak the same German dialect used by the early settlers. They remain a living and visual testimony of our pioneering past.

Richard was a free-thinking spirit who could not abide by the rules that were imposed upon him. He felt enslaved by family, plow and land. He looked upon the men who were the trappers and hunters as having the life he wanted. The trapping and hunting liberated him, physically and spiritually. Richard loved to sketch the landscapes through which he travelled. He captured the native culture of North Alberta before it was drastically altered by European customs. Seemingly born into a life of drudgery, he left images of beauty that have inspired, and are continuing to inspire, younger generations.

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