A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile
Tom Radford

Tom Radford has produced and directed over 50 television documentaries on the history and character of the Canadian West and North. He met Michael and Renata Jiranek in 1992, when he was documenting Kurt Browning's preparations for the Albertville Olympics. Born to a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper family that came to Alberta in 1905, Radford revisited childhood memories of his family's history for the first season of 'A Scattering of Seeds', in 'A Land As Green As The Sea', a record of five generation of Scottish immigration to Canada.

Recent films by Radford include the Gemini-nominated 'Tickling The Dragon's Tail' (1999), the 'Biography of Atomic Physicist, Louis Slotin', 'The Last Roundup' (2000), and the 'Wilm Carter Story'. Radford's films have won the Best Director prize at the Alberta Film Awards on six different occasions, and have received numerous national and international awards