A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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For Teachers

Lesson Plan - Student Worksheet - Bibliography/Resources


  1. Why did Karl Lévêque come to Canada?
  2. What conditions in Haiti caused the mass exodus of his people from their homeland?
  3. Describe the “common touch” of Karl Lévêque’s personality.
  4. What occupations did the first wave of Haitian immigrants to Canada hold?
  5. Why was the second wave of Haitian immigrants not as warmly welcomed as those that came before them?
  6. What organization did Karl Lévêque help found to aid Haitian Canadians adjust and integrate?
  7. Why did Lévêque feel there was no contradiction between his Haitian identity and his Québécois identity?
  8. How did Lévêque use his talents as a karate aficionado to help his community?
  9. Why did Lévêque want to go back to Haiti once the Duvalier dictatorship had fallen?
  10. In what way does Lévêque’s legacy continue among the Haitian community in Montréal?.