A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

Carlos Ferrand

In The Haitian Heart of Love, Carlos Ferrand portrays the short but influential years of Karl Lévêque in Montréal. This little known Haitian priest played a pivotal role in establishing Canada's Haitian community.

Other films by Carlos Ferrand include Voodoo Taxi (1991), an anti-racist comedy and Fenêtre sur ça (1985), an experimental film about windows and light shot in Paris. Cimarrones (1975) is a docu-drama about runaway slaves in 19th-century Peru. Cuervo (1989) is about a Cuban woman who hires a Latin American detective to find her long-lost twin sister. Ferrand is currently working on a feature length script: Maywa's Travels, an adventure story which takes place in 15th-century Peru before the arrival of the Spaniards.

Carlos Ferrand has over 25 years experience as a director and cameraman in fiction and documentary films. Born in Lima, Peru, he studied film at the INSAS (Institut National d'études cinématographiques) in Brussels, Belguim. He is active in the film, video and television production industries of Canada, Europe and Latin America.

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