A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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The Haitian Heart of Love

Director: Carlos Ferrand

Carlos Ferrand's The Haitian Heart of Love weaves a portrait of a man defined by contradictions. Priest and bon vivant, philosopher and karate aficionado, a man of privacy and a radio host, Karl Lévêque came from bourgeois origins and dedicated his life to the poor.

Many Haitians came to Québec in the early sixties, trying to escape being taken in by Haiti's horrible history. Karl Lévêque became their protector. In the film, taxi drivers, Christian activists, teachers and home workers alike remember Karl as their friend. Even a group of modern troubadours -- the rap group RDPyzeurs -- recount the highlights of his story.

What is exceptional about Karl Lévêque's life is not his heroic acts or his spectacular achievements but rather the genuine and sincere quality of his commitment. He truly believed in people. To them he gave his entire life.