A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Subject Profile: Radovan Gajic

Radovan Gajic

Radovan Gajic was born in 1953, in Knin, then a prominent city of Yugoslavia. He spent most of his time in Belgrade -- the cultural epicentre of the country, where he was awarded a degree in Art History from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade.

In 1985 Gajic followed his wife Vesna to Canada. Together they began a family. Their daughter Ana was born in Toronto in 1992. But Radovan still considers himself a traveler, contending, "I belong only to the great nation of word."

Gajic is known in Toronto's Serbian community for his involvement with the radio program White Angel, the periodicals Glasnik, Istocnik and Novine and through his work with various community groups. He is currently employed as a superintendent for two apartment buildings that are magnets for other Yugoslavian immigrants to Canada.

Gajic's books in Yugoslavian include "Rains of Kosovo"(1989, reprinted 1998) and "The Damned Boatman of the Danube"(1990). "The Hostage of T. City" is his first work in English. Another work in English, "The Silence of Word," is forthcoming.