A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

Janko Virant

In The Boatswain, filmmaker Janko Virant documents the determination and camaraderie of a small community from the former Yugoslavia that has grown in Toronto.

Janko Virant comes from Ljubljana, Slovenia, where he studied at The Institute of Design, Photography & Film. He worked as a producer and director for the film division of the Slovenian cultural organization SKUC, creating such experimental films as Why Did You Believe August '83 and Towards, both earning him several awards in national film festivals.

Continuing his work in dramatic film, his first work in Canada, P.P.F., explores and dramatizes the immigrant experience: "From the bottom of the earth, I took the elevator of chance/ to the top floor,/ got out my last three pennies and threw them down,/ to see if I could find them again."

Virant founded V-Art Productions, making such films as Mind's Eye, Mysteriously Yours, In Eve's Shadow, and Two Sides of a Shadow, all for the CBC, with broadcasts on Bravo!, WTN and Vision TV. He is currently working on a dramatic feature about a friendship between two immigrants.