A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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EPISODE 24: The Wanderer
Directed by Sun-Kyung Yi


Korean immigrant, Reverend Sang-Chul Lee, arrived in Vancouver and then settled in Toronto in the 1960s. He became a moderator of the United Church of Canada.


  • Political dislocation and exile
  • Religion’s role in settlement
  • Practicing what you preach


  • Korean
  • Exile
  • United Church missionaries
  • Inter-Racial Marriage
  • Tolerance


  • To understand the terrible push of war and occupation that leads to emigration
  • To appreciate the roles of overseas missionaries and religion in immigrant settlement
  • To be aware of the personal struggles in following through on one’s beliefs and convictions


  1. Consider the words of the song “This land is your land, this land is my land, this land belongs to you and me”. Try to find the Canadian lyrics to this song (the Internet might be one place to look). Discuss as a class the meaning of the song.

  2. Write a personal essay about what you think it means to be Canadian.

  3. Explore the history of missionary work, including its positive and negative aspects. Contact a local chapter of the United Church of Canada and do some research on the present-day role of missionaries. Once you have gathered the information, have a debate on the value of missionary work.

  4. Invite someone who has done missionary or aid work in a foreign country to visit your class and discuss their experiences.

  5. Interview an inter-racial couple or family you know. Find out what difficulties they may or may not have experienced (or still experience), both personally in mixing their cultural backgrounds, and publicly in the response they received to their union.