A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Theatre du Rideau Vert

Canada Post - Theatre du Rideau Vert
The Theatre du Rideau Vert is celebrating its 50th anniversary; in fact the history of Francophone theatre on the same site as the Rideau Vert dates back to the days of the Chanteclerc, started by Charles and George Farhood.

Canadian Theatre Directory
Take in this directory profiling prominent theatre companies and houses across Canada.

Canadian Embassy of Lebanon
Make a visit for quick facts on Lebanon, current news, travel and tourism advice and numerous Lebanon links.

A Journey of Survival
Take a gander at this photograph essay of early Lebanese in North America. The focus is on American Lebanese immigrants, whose communities developed earlier and larger than those in Canada. As a result, the Canadian Lebanese immigrants often turned to their American counterparts for support and resources in building their communities.