A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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The Stowaway

Director: David Mortin and Patricia Fogliato

Patricia Fogliato and David Mortin's The Stowaway is the story of Antonio da Silva who, as a young boy in Portugal, hid away on a schooner bound for Newfoundland. Eighty years later, Antonio's daughters, Phyllis and Marie, retrace his life in hopes of creating a more complete portrait of their father.

Antonio regretted that he never again saw his mother and family. He reconnected with his countrymen through the visits of Portugal's White Fleet fishermen to the port of St. John's. Antonio was always the first to greet the fishermen after their endless months at sea. By nightfall, they'd all be singing, dancing and drinking in the kitchen of Antonio's boarding house. For the fishermen this was a welcome safe-harbour. For Antonio, the fishermen were like long-lost family returned to him by the sea.

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