A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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University of Manitoba Icelandic Collection
The University of Manitoba has a Department of Icelandic Language and Literature unto itself. This site provides basic information on the Department's goals and projects, as well as details about undergraduate studies and admissions. There's also a number of related links to sites on old Icelandic poetry, prose and folk-tales, the national library and the national dictionary - most of which are in Icelandic.

Gimli, Manitoba
In Norse mythology, Gimli is said to mean "paradise." Gimli, Manitoba, was the centre of the region once known as New Iceland, where thousands of Icelanders immigrated over the years, and where they once had their own independent and self-governing settlement.

Gateway to Iceland
The definitive departure-point for all things Icelandic, both information-wise and with lots of external links.

The Importance of Being Icelandic
Another documentary filmmaker is making the personal journey of discovering the importance of being Icelandic. Those on a similar quest are invited to join along.

Welcome to Islandia
Take a tour of Iceland, either present day or way back in history. Follow the links to find out all the details about the Icelanders "Settlement in North America, 1873-1914": why they came and where they went.