A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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EPISODE 20: Voice of Freedom
Directed by Jacques Holender


Ugandan refugee, Opiyo Oloya, comes to Canada and becomes a public school teacher, writer and host of an African music radio show. Oloya's efforts reveal a vibrant African culture in Toronto, Ontario.


  • Journey of the modern-day immigrant
  • African cultures
  • African music in North America


  • Uganda
  • Apartheid
  • Refugee
  • Social Activist
  • African-Canadian Identity


  • To appreciate the experience of present day immigrants
  • To learn about multi-ethnic African culture
  • To understand the enduring connection of immigrants to their native homeland


  1. Imagine you are the only person of your racial origin in a completely different country. You have a different language, religion and value system to everyone else. Perhaps you are in China, Africa, Ireland, Iran. Write a three day diary describing your feelings and experiences as you live your ordinary life as someone completely "other".

  2. Research and write an essay on apartheid.

  3. African immigrants to Canada come most often as a result of social oppression or natural disaster. Research the recent history of events in the African country of Uganda which led up to Opiyo Oloya's immigration, as well as those that followed. Compare these reasons for immigration to those of other immigrant groups already studied.

  4. Devote a class to African music: listen to (or record) Opiyo Oloya's radio show Karibuni on CIUT 80.5 FM in Toronto; or visit your local music store and ask for a guided tour of the African and world music sections.

  5. In Toronto, the African culture is celebrated each year at AfroFest. Do some research in your hometown and discover what sort of ethnic festivals are put on each year. Invite one of the organizers in to talk to the class about cultural events and why they are so important to celebrate.