A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Kamusi Links
Hook up with this extensive database of African links on the Internet. Everything from news and articles, development and social action info, to African arts and travel.

African Music on Your Radio
Here you will find extensive listing of African music radio programmes that you can tune in to all across the air waves. Opiyo Oloya's Karabuni on CIUT 89.5FM on Saturdays betwee 4-5pm is one of many.

Get a feeling for what Toronto's annual African music event - AfroFest - is all about with these descriptions of the 1997 and 1998 showcases. Internal links provide artist profiles of the various musicians who performed such as Lorraine Klaasen and the "golden voice" of Ghana Pat Thomas. Other top performers of African music and traditional dance include the Highlife Stars, Soukous Boys, Aron Tounga with Lizzy Mahashe, Group Bassan, Sankofa, Moses Furic, Achilla Orru & Baana Afrique, and Talanta Children's Group.

Music Africa
Music Africa puts on the annual AfroFest as well as the African Music Awards. Here you will the organization's mandate, as well as contact information and details on becoming a member.