A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Voice of Freedom

Director: Jacques Holender

Jacques Holender's Voice of Freedom captures the voice of Ugandan refugee Opiyo Oloya as a broadcaster, teacher and writer. It also reveals the existence of a vibrant African culture in Toronto.

Opiyo Oloya fled Uganda for his life in 1981, leaving behind his family and, for a while, his attachments with all things African. Once in the strange land of Canada, changes crept in on him slowly, whittling away at his native core.

But Oloya soon re-established connections with his African culture. As a teacher he tells his story to students and learns about their experiences. And hosting "Karibuni," an African music show on CIUT Radio in Toronto, allows him to share his African element -- a part of himself -- with the wider Canadian audience.

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