A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

    Jacques Holender

Jacques Holender's Voice of Freedom captures the voice of Ugandan refugee Opiyo Oloya as a broad caster, teacher and writer. It also reveals the existence of a vibrant African culture in Toronto.

Other films by Holender on the theme of cultural diversity include Voodoo (1992), a documentary about the central role ancient African religion has in the identity of the Haitian people; and Musicians in Exile (1991), a performance documentary featuring musicians from South Africa, Chile and Cuba who have fled their native lands due to political repression.

Holender's most recent production, Staged (1998), is a "backstage pass" documentary revealing the creative chaos of concert staging, with commentary and concert footage from the Rolling Stones, U2, Pink Floyd and David Bowie. Time Is On My Side (1996), part-documentary, part-fiction, chronicles the processing of a body by the death industry.

Jacques Holender was born in Ndole, Zambia and studied at the London Film School. After emigrating to Canada in 1981, he established his own company, Nemesis Productions, and has worked as an independent filmmaker ever since.

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