20th Century

# Title Origin Century
03 The Road Chosen: The Story of Lem Wong China early 20th
35 The Reluctant Politician: The Story of Irene Parlby England late 19th/early 20th
12 The First Seeding France 17th-20th
30 Copyright: Leonard Frank Germany late 19th/early 20th
31 Century Man: The Father Salamis Story Greece 20th
26 The Haitian Heart of Love Haiti 20th
37 Kaposvar: The Faith of Lajos Nagy Hungary late 19th/early 20th
21 Saga of Hope Iceland late 19th/early 20th
10 Passage from India India 20th
38 King of Hearts: Dreams of a Shepherd Boy Iran 20th
07 Sons and Daughters: The Italians of Schreiber Italy 20th
34 An Act of Grace Italy 20th
08 Watari Dori: A Bird of Passage Japan 20th
24 The Wanderer Korea 20th
23 Opening Night Lebanon late 19th/early 20th
29 Sleight of Hand Malta 20th
36 A Sephardic Journey:
Solly Lévy… From Morocco to Montréal
Morocco 20th
19 The Magnificent Abersons Netherlands 20th
17 New Norway: The Immigrant Trail Norway 20th
18 Straight Arrow Poland 20th
22 The Stowaway Portugal 20th
01 Something from Nothing: The Shumiachter Saga Russia early 20th
27 Má Vlast (My Homeland): The Jiraneks In Canada Russia 20th
33 A Glowing Dream:
The Story of Jacob & Rose Penner
Russia early 20th
13 A Land as Green as the Sea Scotland early 20th
25 The Boatswain Serbia 20th
28 René Richard: Painter of the North Switzerland 20th
20 Voice of Freedom Uganda 20th
11 The Fullness of TIme:
Ukrainian Stories from Alberta
The Ukraine early 20th
14 First Lady of the Yukon U.S.A. early 20th
32 Captain of Souls: Rev. William White U.S.A. early 20th
16 Brothers from Vietnam Vietnam 20th

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