A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Subject Profile: The Ambersons

The Ambersons

Jane Aberson was a romantic idealist. She and her husband Bob Aberson left behind a comfortable, upper class existence in the Netherlands and lived in the British and then the Dutch East Indies before finally finding their Eden: a log cabin in remote Manitoba. With no farming experience, they relied on their spirit of adventure. The austerities of prairie life turned them into sturdy survivors.

Jane began writing to supplement their meagre yields on the farm. After the Depression, she became increasingly active on both sides of the Atlantic, founding a local credit union with her husband in Dauphin, and emerging as an unofficial Canadian ambassadress in The Netherlands. In 1991, a collection of her columns, "From the Prairies with Hope," was published in English translation. Once an interpreter of Canada to the Dutch, and now of the Dutch to Canadians, Jane Aberson would have had only an ironic smile for the film's tongue-in-cheek title, The Magnificent Abersons.