A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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EPISODE 18: Straight Arrow, The Janusz Zurakowski Story
Directed by Anna and George Prodanou


Emigrating in the mid-1950s, Janusz Zurakowski, a Polish aviator, became the test pilot for the famous Canadian AVRO Arrow. He then retreated to a small Ontario town to open a holiday lodge.


  • Annexation
  • Creation of an immigrant settlement
  • Relations between different immigrant groups


  • Pole
  • Communist
  • Aviation
  • AVRO Arrow
  • Kaszuby


  • To learn the motivation behind Polish immigration to Canada
  • To understand the importance of a settlement distinct to an ethnic group
  • To become aware of the tensions that arose between immigrant groups of different origins


  1. Pretend you are Janusz Zurakowski and write a journal with about ten entries capturing the main events in his life from the time he left Poland to the present-day.

  2. Poland has had a long history of enduring foreign control, religious and ethnic persecution and civil unrest. Research and prepare a chronology detailing the hardships Poland has faced from the 1850s to the present.

  3. Research the history of the AVRO Arrow project (watching the film, The AVRO Arrow would be a fun way to do research) and make a photo and/or sketch collage showing its development and demise.

  4. Janusz Zurakowski was faced with the decision of moving to the United States to further his career in aviation, or moving to the Canadian bush where Polish immigrants had first settled nearly a century before him. Make a list of the pros and cons of each option, and debate whether the Zurakowskis made a wise choice.

  5. The Polish and the Irish communities near Kaszuby in Northern Ontario didn't have the best relationship with one another as each group established their new lives in Canada. Using this example as a starting point, generate a class discussion about tensions among various ethnic groups that occur within Canadian society to this day. Consider why they occur and what measures are and/or should be taken to try and ease any tensions and make Canada a harmonious multicultural country of tolerance and open-mindedness.