A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Straight Arrow, The Janusz Zurakowski Story

Director: George Prodanou and Anna Prodanou

George and Anna Prodanou's Straight Arrow is a touching portrayal of a modest man whose life is testimony to what it means to have "the right stuff."

It is the story of Janusz Zurakowski, a decorated ace aviator from Poland who fought in the Battle of Britain. He was recruited to Canada to become the chief experimental test pilot of the legendary aircraft, the AVRO Arrow. When the Arrow project was canceled, Zurakowski moved with his family to Northern Ontario. He opened a tourist lodge near the site where the first Polish immigrants settled in Canada a century before him.

Jan Zurakowski moved to Canada to be part of its high-tech future. Instead, he ended up embracing a life that was much like its pioneering past.