A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

George Prodanou and Anna Prodanou

Straight Arrow, the story of Polish-Canadian aviator Janusz Zurakowski, is a very personal expression of the combined talents of husband-and-wife team, Anna Prodanou and George Prodanou.

George's interest in aviation goes back to childhood memories of watching military jets take-off and land. He was fascinated with the Arrow and, like many Canadians, devastated when the aircraft was destroyed.

Anna's family immigrated to Canada from Poland when she was a child in 1957. Researching and writing the Zurakowski story gave her a deeper connection with her Polish roots and a better understanding of her parents' turbulent lives in post-war Europe and their urge to start a new life in Canada.

Anna Prodanou has written feature magazine articles for Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Maclean's and Toronto Life. She has worked as a broadcast journalist for CBC Radio and as a producer for TVOntario. George Prodanou is an award-winning producer of documentaries for CBC's National Magazine, CBC Evening News, The Health Show, Marketplace and The Journal. He has also worked as a producer for CTV's W5.

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