A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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For Teachers

Lesson Plan - Student Worksheet - Bibliography/Resources

  1. Why did the Westvicks choose to settle on the prairies?
  2. What made homesteading difficult during the 1930s?
  3. Why were boys important additions to farming families?
  4. What jobs did Sivert Westvick take on in trying to get established?
  5. What did Sivert and Anna Westvick consider most important for their children to pursue?
  6. Why was music so important to the Westvick family?
  7. How was the family tradition of music preserved and passed on?
  8. Why did the Westvicks leave New Norway?
  9. What prominent job does one of the Westvick descendants hold today in Canada?
  10. When one of the Westvick daughters, Irene, had Alzheimer's disease in old-age, in what way did she seem to remember her musical past?