A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

Tom Radford

Tom Radford met New Norway's Westvick family in 1964 when he and William Thorsell, Sivert and Anna's grandson, were students at the University of Alberta. Radford and Thorsell co-edited the university yearbook and started a lifelong conversation about things Canadian.

Born to a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper family that came to Alberta in 1915, Radford revisited childhood memories of his family's history for the first season of A Scattering of Seeds, in A Land As Green As the Sea.

Other films by Tom Radford include The Long River (1998), a biography of geologist and explorer, J.B. Tyrell and A Western Legacy: The Life and Times of Peter Lougheed (1998).

Hockey Night In Harlem (1993) tells the story of five black teenagers who came to Alberta to pursue dreams of playing hockey. Life After Hockey (1989) is a modern-day fairytale about a local rink rat who helped Team Canada defeat the Soviets. Ernest Brown: Pioneer Photographer (1974) documents the opening of the West through the eyes of an intrepid social activist.

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