A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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New Norway, The Immigrant Trail

Director: Tom Radford

Tom Radford's New Norway traces the legacy of three generations of the Westvick family that emigrated from Norway to Alberta in 1912.

Sivert and Anna Westvick dreamed of building a new life on the Canadian prairie. It would not be easy. Sivert tried his hand at everything in the new community. He was a butcher, an importer of women's hats from Montreal, the town's mayor and its self-taught mortician.

The dream of a self-sufficient community could not survive the 1947 discovery of oil in nearby Leduc. But Sivert and Anna had always placed great value on education and their family became adept assimilators. William Thorsell, their grandson, would become editor of The Globe and Mail. But by the end of the century no Westvicks remained in New Norway.