A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Vietnamese Canadian Federation
The Vietnamese Canadian Federation (VCF) is a cross-Canada non-profit organization with a mandate to 1) maintain communication among Vietnamese associations throughout Canada; 2) work for the preservation of Vietnamese culture and enrich Canadian culture; and 3) generate a sense of community spirit and responsibility in integrating socially, economically and politically in wider society. The VCF site will hook you up with their bulletin, published several times a year, and provide workshop proceedings on topics such as Vietnamese women's issues of health, violence and employment, and "Assimilation Versus Integration and the Vietnamese Youth's Identity."

The Boat People
This stream of consciousness article titled "The Boat People" is made all the more informative and emotionally engaging because it's personal journalism, based on the author's own experiences. Be cautioned, however, some of the memories and dialogue are vivid in their detail of the horrors and hardships experienced by the Vietnamese boat people and do not make for light reading.

Southeast Asian Archive
The University of California's Southeast Asian Archive page will connect you with material relating to the resettlement of Southeast Asian immigrants, boat people and land refugees in the United States. There are also a number of useful links organized by the various regions of Southeast Asia.

The WWW Virtual Library to Vietnam
As part of a larger Asian WWW Virtual Library, this site is packed full of links to further research. The options are endless: Vietnamese newspapers and magazines, reference and library resources, maps and geographical resources, culture, history, economics and business, photo essays, movies, and the list goes on.

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