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Brothers From Vietnam, The Story of the Lais and the Bessais

Director: Carl Bessai

Carl Bessai's Brothers From Vietnam is the personal story of the filmmaker's family who sponsored a Vietnamese family of 'Boat People' in 1979.

In the turbulent years following the end of the Vietnam War, the Lai family made the treacherous journey out of their homeland. The Lais were among so many of their countrymen who managed to survive 20 years of civil war and famine, and took the opportunity to rebuild their lives in Canada.

In Brothers From Vietnam, Carl Bessai looks back on childhood memories. He was a boy of only 12 years when the Lais arrived. Carl knew Vietnam only as a strange, distant place ravaged by war. Carl's mother opened their home to the Lais, and both families maneuvered around cultural obstacles to become life-long friends.

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