A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

Carl Bessai

In making Brothers From Vietnam, The Story of the Lais and the Bessais, director Carl Bessai retraces his family's experience of sponsoring Vietnamese 'Boat People' in 1979. That was the beginning of Bessai's friendship with Bao and Binh Lai that endures to this day.

Brothers From Vietnam is Carl Bessai's second documentary for A Scattering of Seeds. The Impossible Home: Robert Kroetsch and his German Roots was part of the series' first season, recounting the story of the award-winning writer and poet whose family left their homeland to settle in rural Alberta.

Other recent projects by Carl Bessai include Lost Sense (Bravo!) on the sculpture of Catherine Widgery; DOP on a short biography of Toronto stage designer Michael Levine (Bravo!); DOP on the feature film Parade; a spoken word film A Weight of Years (Bravo!); and a pilot for a hidden camera/comedy improv show, SLAM CAM tv.

Versatile as a director, writer and cinematographer, Bessai is currently working on two independent features: Johnny and Tuxedo Junction.

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