A Scattering of Seeds: The Creation of Canada
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Director Profile

Lindalee Tracey

Director Lindalee Tracey is a French and Irish Canadian with a dab of English. An English Sense of Justice is her tribute to T. Phillips Thompson and to the power of journalism.

Tracey has worked as a documentarian for CBC Radio and CBC television's Witness series, and as a script-writer for the NFB. Her magazine features have won national awards and critical praise, as have her two books,"On The Edge" and "Growing Up Naked." Her next book, "A Scattering of Seeds," will be published in the fall of 1999 by McArthur and Company. Tracey conceived the idea for A Scattering of Seeds and is the series' co-producer and story editor.

Tracey's recent films include Passing the Flame (1998), an historic tribute to Women's College Hospital and Invisible Nation (1997), exploring the cat and mouse world of Canadian immigration police and the illegals they chase. Tracey received a Genie nomination for Best Short Documentary for Abby, I Hardly Knew Ya (1996), an emotional journey into one man's life on skid row.

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